Jharkhad State Pollution Control Board

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Sr. Title Publish Date
1 Public Hearing of Amtipani Bauxite Mine   PDF file size:( 2019.29 KB) New icons 23-03-2024
2 Public hearing of Amar Chhechharia Khajuri Nawadih, Bajudih & Ataula Sand Deposit in North Koel River   PDF file size:( 483.44 KB) New icons 15-03-2024
3 Public Hearing of Korgain, Mukhapi & Ranadih Sand Deposit   PDF file size:( 471.13 KB) New icons 15-03-2024
4 Revised Merit list as per roster point for the post of Assistant Environmental Engineer (AEE)   PDF file size:( 1238.29 KB) New icons 10-03-2024
5 Public Hearing of Amlagachhi Stone Mines   PDF file size:( 476.21 KB) New icons 21-02-2024
6 Public Hearing of Golpur Stone Mines   PDF file size:( 2047.28 KB) New icons 21-02-2024
7 Siting criteria for industries   PDF file size:( 85.6 KB) New icons 25-01-2024
8 Public Hearing of Proposed Expansion & Modernization of M/s Atibir Hi-Tech Private Ltd.   PDF file size:( 74.71 KB) New icons 24-01-2024
9 Jharkhand High Court Order on Noise Pollution   PDF file size:( 1624.88 KB) New icons 18-12-2023
10 Public Hearing for M/s Gajanan Ferro Pvt. Ltd. located Village-Kadambeda, District-Singhbhum, Jharkhand   PDF file size:( 71.07 KB) New icons 11-12-2023
11 Public Hearing of M/s Shah Sponge and Power Ltd. located at Village: Juri, P.O. Hata, Dist: East Singhbhum, Jharkhand   PDF file size:( 118.87 KB) New icons 28-11-2023
12 Monitoring and enforcement mechanism for the SOP/ environmental safeguards issued for (i) Extraction or sourcing or borrowing of ordinary earth for the linear projects such as roads, pipelines, etc. and (ii) dredging and de-silting of dams, reservoirs, we   PDF file size:( 1241.68 KB) New icons 24-11-2023
13 Guidelines on Bursting Firecrackers   PDF file size:( 350.52 KB) New icons 10-11-2023
14 Public Hearing for Proposed Enhancement of Ferro Alloy Plant by M/s Gajanan Ferro Pvt. Ltd. at Village Kadambeda, Dist.- East Singhbhum, Jharkhand   PDF file size:( 77.78 KB) New icons 08-11-2023
15 Important instructions regarding Installation of PM10 Analyzers   PDF file size:( 41.65 KB) New icons 11-07-2023
16 Public notice for registration of Battery Producer, Recyclers, Refurbisher   PDF file size:( 473.84 KB) New icons 18-08-2023
17 SOP for Registration of Producers through the Online Portal under Battery Waste Management Rules, 2022   PDF file size:( 503.98 KB) New icons 01-07-2023
18 Notice for Industries for submitting compliance of CTE/CTO/EC through compliance module of JSPCB online consent management portal   PDF file size:( 81.04 KB) New icons 10-07-2020
19 Auto renewal of CTO   PDF file size:( 24.19 KB) New icons 07-01-2019
20 Appointment of Board Analyst in Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board   PDF file size:( 292.55 KB) New icons 13-06-2019
21 Notice for all Health Care Facilities (HCFs)   PDF file size:( 138.04 KB) New icons 06-07-2019
22 Notice to all industries for applying for Stack Emission monitoring, AAQ Monitoring,Effluent analysis and Noise level monitoring through Single Window   PDF file size:( 99.34 KB) New icons 06-08-2019
23 Bio-Medical Waste Management- A brief for Medicos New icons 01-04-2019